How to Prepare for an Internship Interview

What do you think of when you think about internships? There is a misconception that internships are only for recent college grads, which is incorrect. The platform can also be used by those transitioning careers or searching for a more fulfilling career path.

It is important not to let an internship interview become less important because it is not for a full-time position. In fact, it should be treated just like any other job interview. And we will show you how!

Research the Company

Learning about the company’s mission, vision, and goals is one of the best ways to prepare for an internship interview. Answering the interviewer well, preparing thoughtful questions, and showing interest in the organization will be easier with this knowledge. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the company’s website before you begin your research. Read recent press releases and news stories about the organization.

Practice the Interview

It’s unlikely that you can prepare for every interview question. However, you can go through the FAQ section and think about what your response might be to these questions. Rather than memorizing answers, prepare your main points in advance.

Your responses will be clearer and more concise if you do this. Additionally, you can practice your presentation skills. For example, be confident in your voice and use friendly, relaxed body language.

Emphasize Your Positive Attributes and Admit the Weak

You may be asked to share your weaknesses and strengths when you go for an interview. Your employer is asking you this question to determine your honesty and awareness of what needs improvement. However, you should try to find a way to spin your weakness in a positive light.

Be aware of your weaknesses and quickly transition to improvements you have made in these areas when discussing them. Your answers should be supported by specific examples.

Think of Questions

After researching the company and job description, write down some thoughtful questions. You can determine whether an internship suits your needs and demonstrates your ability to succeed by asking certain questions. For example, you might ask, “How is the work environment?” or “What would you like me to bring to the company?”

Know What the Company Expects of you and What it Needs

What are their expectations of an intern? You will be able to demonstrate your abilities and skills if you understand the job’s requirements well. Most companies hire interns to enhance their productivity or help them explore their skills.

Identify the skills you can provide as an intern to establish that you are someone capable of doing the job. Be sure to review the job specifications carefully, read between the lines, seek information about related positions online, or reach out to friends or colleagues who have worked in similar positions.

Internship Interview Follow-Up: What to Do

By participating in an internship, you can gain practical experience in a field that you are interested in as a career. Of course, during the interview process, making a positive impression is crucial, but what you do afterward is equally important.

Communicate maturely and professionally with the employer to establish your credibility. A leg up on the competition can be gained by learning how to follow up after an internship interview and application.

A Thank You Note

Whether it’s a thank-you phone call or email, a thank-you note lets the employer know you’re interested in the internship. Additionally, you may be able to share something you missed during the interview or show that you have a good sense of listening.

The following information should be included in your note: 

  • It is important to mention your interview for the position and thank your interviewer.
  • Discuss a specific point that the interviewer seemed to find important. Show the company how you can meet its needs by connecting this idea with your own experiences or interests.
  • Your willingness to answer additional questions provides further details, and your contact details should be communicated.

Lastly, express your interest in hearing back from them.

Follow Up

When you interview with a company, you should expect them to tell you roughly when they will make a decision. The company may conduct several interviews or invite qualified candidates back for a second interview.

In any case, if you aren’t sure how your application is doing, follow up with your contact person within a week of completing the interview. You should pursue other internship opportunities until you receive a firm internship offer.

You should reintroduce yourself if you have not heard back after an internship interview and state that you are calling to inquire about your internship application. It will demonstrate professionalism and initiative. Avoid showing signs of frustration or impatience by maintaining a positive tone.

Female applicant practicing interview facing the mirror

Tips for the Interview

Preparing for multiple scenarios is wise because you never know what type of questions you will be asked. You can use the following tips to prepare for almost any internship interview:

  • Give honest answers – Your hiring manager will benefit as well as you if you give honest answers. Make sure you don’t just answer with what you think the manager wants to hear. If you don’t align your skills and goals with the job, you may find yourself dissatisfied.
  • Ask your own questions – Interviews are a two-way process, and you must also ensure that your needs are addressed as well as the company. For example, suppose you have questions about the company. In that case, you may want to inquire about growth opportunities or the typical workday.
  • Dress appropriately – For an interview, business casual is usually sufficient. The best thing you can do, however, is to always research the company’s dress code before the interview.

Interview Questions for Internships

The interviewer understands that the prospective intern lacks experience and professional background, so they’ll focus more on getting to know the person and their passion for the industry.

You should be prepared for the following interview questions:

  • Could you tell me why you are interested in interning at this company?
  • How would you be a good fit for this internship?
  • Is this a company you are familiar with?
  • How would you describe yourself?
  • Do you see this internship as a way to achieve your career goals?
  • In what ways do you excel and where do you struggle?
  • What will your life look like in five years?
  • Are there any accomplishments you’re proud of? Describe them for me.
  • Are you interested in being hired after completing your internship?
  • Can you describe yourself in the words of your friends, professors, and former employers?
  • What is your strategy for handling stressful situations?
  • Would you like to ask me any questions?

These are just some of the most commonly asked questions that you should be ready for.


You have an internship interview; that’s how you landed here. Good luck! Don’t worry, you will be fine.

Research the company and gather samples of your work before an internship interview. Become confident and clear when answering and asking questions. By preparing for an internship interview and knowing what to expect, your anxiety will be eased and you will be able to stand out as a competent candidate. Relax before the interview and go through everything so that you can breeze through smoothly.

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